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Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777-1855)

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Aims of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT Göttingen

Founded in May 17, 1962

Aims of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT Göttingen:
`Satzung' (rules) new version, accepted on November 21, 2016 (Registergericht Göttingen) - in German)

The GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT e.V. pursues exclusively non-profit aims of public interest in the sense of
'Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke' (tax-deductible purposes) of the tax regulations.
The aim of the society is to preserve the memory of the scholar and the person Carl Friedrich Gauß,
in co-operation with the Georg-August University of Göttingen,
the Academy of Sciences of Göttingen and the city of Göttingen.

This goal is to be attained particularly through:

  1. Creation and conservation of a worthy Gauß memorial in the city of Göttingen
  2. Participation in the maintenance and preservation of existing Gauß memorials
  3. Co-operation in research concerning Gauß
  4. Organization of lectures
  5. Publications of articles and reports
  6. Establishment of relations with institutions and individuals interested in Gauß and in his works

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GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT: Addresses and Membership

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Managing committee of the GAUSS-GESELLSCHAFT

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